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Prepaid Calling Cards

Prepaid calling is one of the least expensive way to make long distance calls. Telephone companies love prepaid cards. Callers pay upfront–without the collection and billing hassles of traditional service. 

Often people don't use the last minutes on the card. Smart telephone companies have realized that they can sell the cards at cost, and simply make the profit on the breakage (the unused minutes). Add all this together, and you will find that telephone companies can sell prepaid calling cards for substantially less than any other form of calling.

The Internet is the best way to deliver calling cards. A calling card is just a number that you dial into the phone. With the Internet, long distance companies can sell prepaid calling cards without having to pay the fees for printing and laminating cards, or for expensive machines in convenience stores. They simply need one web server to talk to your computer, and they are in business.

NobelGlobe is leading the pack in the price of prepaid calling. Domestic US long distance is down to 1.5 cents a minute. They have great international rates as well. I checked a number of different internet calling cards, and they had the lowest rates in each of the markets I checked.

Prepaid calling makes sense. I use prepaid cards for all my long distance calling. I like the fact that I can use them from any phone, and I don't have to pay a long distance connection fee for service. The cards make it easier to plan budgets, etc.. Since I prepay, I decide how much I am going to pay for the call before I make it.

Smart employers will often give their employees prepaid cards for business trips. The cards help reduce cost, and saves the employee the hassle of itemizing calls on their trip report. Anyway, to check rates, simply use the box below and select the origin and destination of the call. International calling is strange. Don't expect the rate from Italy to US to be the same as US to Italy.

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