Download Napster 2.0

Napster is back as a pay for song file service. No longer a P2P service, Napster does not include the spyware that clogs many of the current P2P players, and you don't have to worry about legal battles for using the service (assuming you following the terms of service). The new Napster (owned by Roxio) allows you to purchase music on a per song basis. To use the service, you need to download the Napster file server program. You then search for the songs you like. If you find a song, you can purchase it for $.99. Purchasing a song allows you to burn it CD, or make a limited number of personal copies to other devices. Be sure you read the terms of service.

This sounds like a great program when you want to download a few songs or albums from your favorite artists. The future looks bright for this new service. The price is a bit hefty...coming in at $.99 per song. The songs are in the WMU format for Media Player.

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